My Resume


Master of Public Administration

School of Public Affairs and Administration

  • Double concentration:

    • Leadership of Public Organizations

    • Nonprofit Management

  • Est. Graduation: May 2023

  • GPA: 3.988

Capstone Project:
The Future of Work:
Improving Mental Health Outcomes in the Workplace

Bachelor of Science

Rutgers Business School - Newark

  • Major: Marketing | Minor: Psychology

  • Graduated on: May 2018

  • GPA: 3.62 - Cum Laude

  • Dean's List: Fall 2014, Spring 2016 - Spring 2018

Professional Experience

Ringling College of Art and Design

Director of Student Activities
and Leadership Development

Sept. 2022 - Present

  • Oversee the Department of Student Activities and Leadership Development;

  • Implement campus-wide programs and activities that promote social interaction, community development, and healthy social/educational entertainment for all Ringling College students;

  • Supervise student workers and leaders, providing guidance and support through student engagement and success;

  • Oversee the student clubs/organizations, and the Campus Activities Board, which comprises of a group of students dedicated to organizing and implementing large-scale campus events;

  • Hire and train Orientation Leaders during New Student Orientation;

  • Maintain an intercultural and inclusive approach in developing events and programs, while raising awareness around and celebrating diversity;

  • Partner with other academic departments through collaborative events and initiatives that aim to enhance the student experience;

  • Facilitate community partnerships that aims to enhance the student experience through collaborations and expanded access to resources;

  • Serve in an on-call duty rotation, responding to issues requiring crisis and time management skills.

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Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Research With A Heart

July 2020 - Sept. 2022

Community Engagement Specialist

  • Recognized as Employee of the Month for February 2022;

  • Support Research With A Heart’s recruitment initiatives for research study opportunities related to HIV, COVID-19, opioid use disorder, and monkeypox;

  • Oversee day-to-day social media platform and website activity and updates that are in alignment with the community engagement vision for the department and affiliated program brands;

  • Increased social media follower count by over 300 within one year (specifically: Facebook +10%; Instagram +29%; Twitter +890%; YouTube +125%);

  • Led initiatives to rebrand the department's name, mission, vision, and values to ensure continued alignment with current and future goals;

  • Ensure representation of non-English-speaking populations, building on inclusivity through flyers and forms for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking individuals;

  • Advanced social media campaigns intended on raising awareness and building competency surrounding diverse populations, recognizing LGBT History Month, Latinx Heritage Month, and Trans Awareness Week;

  • Develop and launch promotional materials of services provided to those infected and affected by HIV in the Greater Newark Community;

  • Connecting with internationally-based organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic for department to expand on virtual event capabilities to raise awareness and recruitment initiatives for MOSAICO study;

  • Provided recommendations to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to ensure inclusive language on the draft HIV National Strategic Plan for 2021-2025;

  • Create printed marketing materials that align with department's campaigns and objectives;

  • Improve customer engagement through conducting surveys and focus groups;

  • Provide assistance with building brand awareness and improved marketing strategies for services provided to the Greater Newark Community;

  • Serves as a liaison to local/national organizations and diverse community partners, representing the department and affiliated programs;

  • Recruits, screens, and assists with project enrollment, retention efforts, and additional study visit procedures for participants;

  • Provide educational in-services to local community based organizations and staff to enhance department and program visibility;

  • Performs comprehensive HIV risk reduction counseling and testing, fulfilling New Jersey Department of Health standards.

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Infectious Diseases Practice

Sept. 2018 - July 2020

Public Health Representative

  • Served as Prevention Unit’s Social Media and Marketing specialist, building and executing content to targeted audience;

  • Performed as a Disease Intervention Specialist, focused on contact tracing and doctor referrals for syphilis cases;

  • Oversaw website re-design, social media creation and management, and implementation of Departmental marketing strategy;

  • Developed annual marketing strategy that addresses short-term and long-term goals and challenges to maximize on departmental outreach;

  • Supported doctors and physicians in developing their own websites to promote publications, research, and our clinic;

  • Created promotional videos for Fellowship Recruitment program that are shared on YouTube to support application process during COVID-19;

  • Performed HIV testing, counseling, and referral services in various settings on the Newark campus and community;

  • Organized and implemented events in Newark that serves to provide free HIV testing services and educational programs;

  • Participated in Director interviews ensuring that candidates maintain vision that align with Departmental collaboration and expansive opportunities between two institutional campuses;

  • Acted as the community liaison and public representative, maintaining consistent communication with the public;

  • Managed over $20,000 in giveaways, incentives, and promotional items for participants and community partners;

  • Developed a branding logo for University Hospital's newly founded LGBTQ+ PRIDE organization;

  • Engaged and linked newly identified HIV-infected patients into care and treatment;

  • Linked high risk negative patients into PrEP Program as necessary.

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Project Innovate Newark

Director of Student Success

Feb. 2019 - Apr. 2020

  • Served on the Board of Directors;

  • Facilitated and supported workshops, including Project Management and Grant Writing 101;

  • Oversaw six cohorts focused on developing projects and initiatives for Newark related to: computer science, agricultural, and business education programs as an after school curriculum for high school students, and creating a vision sought to improve the infrastructure around the city;

  • Organized and developed events intended on solidifying sponsors from different academic institutions, including: Rutgers-Newark, NJIT, Seton Hall, and Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Student Success Manager

Sept. 2018 - Feb. 2019

  • Engaged a team of over half a dozen student ambassadors from different academic institutions within North Jersey to promote the organizational agenda;

  • Maintained a point of contact for student organization sponsors;

  • Promoted the organizational mission to universities in the Greater Newark Community.

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Rutgers University - Newark

LGBTQ & Intercultural Resource Center

Sept. 2016 – Sept. 2018

Programs and Events Student Coordinator

  • Co-Chaired the 2018 Northeast LGBT Conference (NELGBTC) hosted at the Rutgers University-Newark campus and welcomed over 300 students, staff, and community partners across the Northeast U.S.;

  • Mentored and advised students to support their holistic growth including their academic, identity and social growth;

  • Conducted a "Conflict Mediation" workshop that focused on preparing executive student leaders of various organizations for the academic year;

  • Facilitated classroom presentations and Q/A sessions focused on intersectional and LGBTQ+ issues, center programs and center resources;

  • Implemented educational and interactive events that focused on representing marginalized students through dialogue and activities;

  • Co-facilitated diversity trainings such as "Cultural Dexterity," "SafeZone," and "Restorative Justice" and other educational trainings and workshops;

  • Partnered with Student Affairs and other academic departments to encourage greater dialogue surrounding intercultural and intersectional identities;

  • Led efforts to increase awareness about sexual health and HIV through collaborative community partnerships, educational workshops alongside student organizations and dormitories, and encouraged routine STI/HIV testing at Health Services;

  • Oversaw social media platforms ensuring that the content was relevant and up-to-date;

  • Collaborated and strengthened relations with community partners and other academic institutions, including: The Mayor's Office, Essex County College, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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Office of Housing and Residence Life

Aug. 2017 – May 2018

Resident Assistant

  • Managed floor with a diverse group of 50 students, having met the distinct needs and handled various challenges;

  • Counseled and supported peers on personal, academic, and professional concerns;

  • Responsible for student advisement, leadership, and ensuring adherence to University guidelines;

  • Promoted opportunities for leadership development and encouraged residents to partake and assist in organizing events throughout the academic year;

  • Created and organized a limited budget while executing several diverse events throughout the school year;

  • Acted as a liaison between residents and the Office of Housing and Residence Life, having regularly communicated important information between both parties;

  • Entrusted with sensitive information and worked with supervisor to determine creative solutions pertinent to the situation;

  • Affirmed students’ identity and engaged students in residential life programming by acknowledging their accomplishments and communal contributions through the “Resident of the Month” program.

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Prudential Financial

Life Insurance

June - Aug 2017

Individual Life Insurance Intern

  • Researched competitors in order to benchmark strategies and identify opportunities for firm to succeed;

  • Completed content audits of websites to assist in redesign and refresh digital properties;

  • Collaborated with other department and business functions towards accomplishing project goals, such as promotional campaigns, and meeting tight deadlines;

  • Presented to senior leaders on competitive scope involving on marketing benchmarks and demonstrated opportunities for growth through company website;

  • Managed key deliverables as part of marketing campaign to meet tight deadlines.

Volunteer Experience

New Leaders Council

2022 Fellow - New Jersey Chapter
Nov. 2021 - June 2022

Institute Fellow in the New Jersey Chapter; learning about social movements, community collaboration, and social and political change!

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Rainbow Alumni League

Newark Co-Chair
June 2018 - Mar 2021

  • Co-Founded the alumni organization and developing strategies and programs focused on representing Rutgers alumni across the United States and beyond;

  • Created Constitution & Bylaws that defined the organization, structure, and involvement for LGBTQIA+ alumni from Rutgers University;

  • Oversaw organizational NYC Pride Ad Hoc Committee, partnering with other organizations, planning participation during the march, and ensuring that grants are acquired to fund for Rutgers University representation at the 2019 WorldPride March in NYC;

  • Participated in campus' Director interviews ensuring that candidates maintain vision that align with alumni involvement for student development;

  • Demonstrated leadership initiative by taking on an executive role focused on getting the organization officially recognized and chartered by the Rutgers University Alumni Association;

  • Ensured equal representation among all Rutgers campuses across New Jersey;

  • Developed involvement opportunities that ensured alumni across the United States remain engaged and active.

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Northeast LGBT Conference

Aug. 2017 - Apr. 2018

  • Collaborated and regularly met with the Director of the LGBTQ & Intercultural Resource Center for the creation of the bid;

  • Oversaw social media platforms and developed a strategy that witness an increase of followers by about 67% within the span of three months;

  • Contacted potential collaborators and sponsors and collaborated with current collaborators, which included representatives from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Essex County College, Prudential, and the Greater Newark Area;

  • Planned an agenda regarding potential dates, events, locations, and other details required to prepare the conference for attendees;

  • Conducted and hosted Planning Committee meetings, determined and assigned tasks that need to be completed;

  • Conducted crisis management throughout the conference, multitasking between various tasks and issues;

  • Introduced the annual conference to hundreds of participants, welcoming them into the City of Newark and providing a brief insight to the conference objectives;

  • Accommodated and supported various students in terms of accessibility and awareness throughout the weekend.

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RU Pride

President of Internal Affairs
Aug. 2016 - May 2017

  • Developed programs and events that focused on intersectional and LGBTQIA+ issues and celebration of identity;

  • Advocated and engaged students in activism for LGBTQIA+ rights and the Muslim Ban Protest;

  • Planned and collaborated with Student Affairs, other student leaders, and faculty members to increase cross-cultural competencies;

  • Facilitated dialogue and identity workshops through collaborations with other student organizations and academic departments;

  • Oversaw organizational social media and email campaigns that involved event marketing and audience engagement;

  • Optimized CRM through transition into MailChimp and development of Facebook profile;

  • Pioneered and incorporated subcommittees that increased student involvement and assisted Executive Board with tasks and assignments;

  • Established a non-disclosure form for student leaders to ensure appropriate confidentiality in regards to a student’s identity;

  • Created a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students to have their identities affirmed and fostered a community for student engagement;

  • Managed Executive Board team and mediated conflicts of interest;

  • Oversaw organizational budget and assisted in cost allocation;

  • Assisted Executive Officers of other student organizations with advice to further improve the experiences their members have as students;

  • Improved organizational constitution by implementing a more optimized protocol for organizational leadership transition;

  • Recognized by Google as most diverse student organization and invited to attend an international LGBTQIA+ Conference.

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Licenses & Certifications

  • Agile With Atlassian Jira

  • Be the Manager People Won't Leave

  • Become a Manager

  • Coaching and Developing Employees

  • Delegating Tasks

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Marketing: Inclusive Language for Marketers

  • Leading Productive Meetings

  • Make the Move from an Individual Contributor to Manager

  • New Manager Foundations

  • Onboarding New Hires as a Manager

  • Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews

  • Performance Management: Setting Goals and Managing Performance

  • Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations

  • Marketing on Facebook

  • Marketing on Instagram

  • Content Marketing Foundations

  • Google Ads Essential Training

  • SEO Foundations

  • Social Media Marketing Foundations

  • Agile Rebranding

  • Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

  • Instructional Design: Needs Analysis

  • Marketing to Generation Z

  • Digital Marketing Foundations

  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training

  • Managing Brand Reputation

  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization

  • Transgender Sensitivity Training

  • Social Networks Strategy

  • Stigma Training

  • Client-Centered Counseling

  • HIV Testing and Counseling

  • Risk Reduction and Counseling

  • SafeZone Training

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