Infectious Diseases Practice

Public Health Representative

Sept. 2018 - July 2020

Serving as an HIV tester and counselor required an open mind when supporting patients at University Hospital and community members within and surrounding the City of Newark.

Being a successful Public Health Representative requires a sex positive, bias-free approach that allowed for more interpersonal and supportive conversations during client encounters. While in this role, my position consisted mostly of providing free and rapid HIV testing and counseling services for hospital patients who request them.

Beyond providing rapid HIV tests, my supervisor allowed me to build on my expertise around marketing and developing events. These initiatives allowed us to support more people outside of University Hospital and build stronger connections with our community. Through these connections, the Infectious Diseases Practice (IDP) has expanded rapid HIV testing opportunities to students at Rutgers-Newark and communities within the Ironbound.

In addition to offering rapid HIV testing to those who sought it, I also supported the New Jersey Department of Health by serving as a Disease Intervention Specialist. Within this role, my responsibilities included contact tracing for syphilis while advocating for and supporting clients to the best of my ability within the confines of the role.

In recognition of Newark's diversity, it was crucial to maintain an open-minded approach while engaging with diverse populations and historically marginalized and disenfranchised populations and communities. Building a culturally-competent approach to healthcare requires the ability to adapt and accommodate when and where necessary. An example includes maintaining inclusive languages for populations whose first language is not English, and curating flyers to meet those needs.

Included are copies of flyers that I have designed, and some include copies of flyers in Spanish and Portuguese.

I had the honor of designing the logo for the newly founded LGBTQIA+ Pride group of University Hospital in Newark, NJ.

The final design was completed in June 2020, just in time for annual Pride Month celebrations.