Project Innovate Newark

Director of Student Success

Feb. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Student Success Manager

Sept. 2018 - Feb. 2019

The City of Newark continues to demonstrate immense potential in growth, culture, and community. Project Innovate Newark's (PIN) mission is drive social and economic change for the community's youth.

Leading in a start-up requires the ability to foster relationships and build connections with individuals across various institutions and organizations within and around the City of Newark.

Engaging with student ambassadors and administrators from Rutgers-Newark, NJIT, Seton Hall, and Stevens Institute of Technology, our cohorts have developed programs and initiatives with local high schools that encouraged personal and professional development. Some curricula that have been led by our student cohorts include: computer science, agricultural, and business education programs as an after school curriculum for high school students. Our organization has also sought to improve the infrastructure around the city that ultimately improves outcomes for everyone within the Greater Newark Community.

In serving in these roles, I led and supported workshops centering on professional development, with topics ranging from Project Management to Grant Writing. I also served on the Board of Directors, working with the leadership team on forging a path forward that best advocates for the community and its students.