Northeast LGBT Conference

The Northeast LGBT Conference is a three day student run conference held in March or April of each year for Lesbian, Gay, Pansexual, Demi-sexual, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and Allied (LGBTQ Spectrum) college students, faculty and staff as well as the larger community from Maine to Washington D.C. and beyond!


Aug. 2017 - Apr. 2018

The theme for 2018 was:
Intersectional Truths: From Individual Narratives to Collective Activism

Hosting the 23rd Annual Northeast LGBT Conference in Newark, this conference focused on how communities can build collective strategies for activism. In order to productively respond to ongoing challenging political and social climates, our group focused on what it means to create and foster communities across differences.

During these months, our planning committee fostered collaborative partnerships with other institutions, organizations, agencies, and the City of Newark. Taking on a people-focused approach required maintaining a democratic process where all stakeholders involved had the ability to offer workshops and support the planning committee in organizing this three day-long conference.

Here is a copy of the schedule that had been provided to all participants during the 23rd Annual Northeast LGBT Conference.

The Plaque awarded to us by the NELGBTC Committee.