Rainbow Alumni League

Newark Co-Chair

June 2018 - Mar. 2021

The Rutgers University Rainbow Alumni League (RURAL, RAL, or "the League") represents and promotes the interests of the LGBTQIA+ alumni of the University, and all alumni within the diverse spectrum of gender and sexuality.

To learn more, visit: rurainbowalum.com

Leading as the inaugural Newark Co-Chair, my primary objective was to serve and represent the LGBTQIA+ alumni within the Rutgers-Newark campus.

Following a months-long effort in defining our organization through The League's Constitution and Bylaws, our first big event was held during NYC's 2019 Pride Month, with a Networking Night hosted in collaboration with the Rutgers Club of NYC. This collaborative event welcomed dozens of Rutgers alumni to a night of hearty drinks and fun activities that included giveaways for participating.

That following Sunday, the League marched in WorldPride NYC, in what later became known as the world's largest international Pride celebration in history. Photos from our participation are included below. In addition to celebrating Pride Month in NYC, The League has also marched at Newark Pride.

During my time as Newark Co-Chair, I also organized both in-person and virtual events and networking opportunities aimed towards alumni engagement and retention. The COVID-19 pandemic did throw a few curve balls, but I remained committed to advocating for and celebrating our LGBTQIA+ alumni from the Rutgers-Newark campus. This included working closely with the program leader within LGBTQ Student Services unit on campus.

Fun Fact: We didn't start marching until close to 11PM!